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Our Fees

30 Minute Consultation (Initial / Follow Up) - €55

20 Minute Consultation (Follow Up) - €40*

Discount for Student/Medical Card Holders & Preferred Customers - €10 Off**

Orthotics / Custom made Orthotics - €45 / €245

* Please note that your Podiatrist will advise on whether a follow up should be 20 or 30 minutes.
** To avail of this offer you must advise our Patient Service Team at the time of booking. Please note, this discount does not apply to 20 minute follow up appointments.

Chiropody Card* Holder Fees

20 Minute Appointment €15
20 Minute Home Visit €25

* Medical card holders over the age of 65, people with disabilities or people with diabetes who hold a medical card can apply for a HSE chiropody treatment card.

Application forms are available in your local Health Centre. A doctor, Public Health or community nurse can refer patients to the service. For more information on chiropody services for card holders please refer to www.hse.ie.

Once you have obtained your card with one of our podiatrists named on it, please call us to book an appointment and mention you are a chiropody card holder when booking.

We are currently accepting Chiropody Card Holders in our Drumcondra, Finglas and Navan Road Clinics.

Orthotic Fees

Custom Made Orthotics - €245

Temporary Orthotics - €45

Payment Procedure

You must pay after each appointment, unless you have made other arrangements with our Patient Services team beforehand. You will get a receipt at the end of each session which can be used for tax or health insurance companies. Please check on the payment methods accepted in each clinic.

Medical/Student Card Discount

Only those who are in 3rd level education with a valid student card can avail of our student discount price. Those with a valid medical card may also avail of the medical card rate. You must present your medical or student card on the day of consultation in order to avail of the discount. Discounts cannot be awarded retrospectively. 


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