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Ingrown Toenail Treatment in 7 Counties Across Ireland.

An ingrown toenail can occur when the edges of the nails curl into the flesh of the toe. It is painful and if left untreated it can become infected and lead to severe inflammation and pain in the toe.

Such problems can be caused by trauma, tight footwear, excessive flattening of the foot causing rotation of the toe, self treatment with scissors or congenital problems associated with the flesh at the sides of the toes.


Our Treatment

Our Podiatrists will cut down the side of nail and dig out the part that is causing infection and discomfort. Once the offending nail has been treated, antiseptic and bandages will cover up the nail until its fully healed. Your podiatrist may refer you to a GP for antibiotics to aid recovery or refer the patient on to a hospital or Primary Care Center if the problem is persistent or severe for full nail removal (through surgery).


Our Fees

30 Minute Consultation (Initial / Follow Up) - €55

20 Minute Consultation (Follow Up) - €40*

Student/Medical Card Preferred Customers Discount - €10 Off**

Orthotics / Custom made Orthotics - €45 / €245

* Please note that your Podiatrist will advise on whether a follow up should be 20 or 30 minutes.
** To avail of this offer you must advise our Patient Service Team at the time of booking.

What Our Podiatrists Say

This is a conservative treatment for Ingrown Toenails and is popular for those opting not to go down the surgery route. 95% of my patients have immediate relief when they leave my clinic after this conservative procedure.

Jade Tagamus, BSc Podiatry MSCPI

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Ingrown Toenail
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