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Foot Injury Myths

We usually do not consult a physiotherapist for our foot injuries and this can lead to heightened foot problems in the future. The biggest myth amongst people is that, as you advance into your later years, problems associated with your health are bound to take place. People assume this is inevitable, the result being, they ignore certain pain that arises. Here are some of the most common foot myths below.

Myth 1: "I Can Still Move My Foot So It Must Not Be Broken!"

The Truth: Many people believe that if they can walk without feeling intense pain then their foot is fine. There are certain kinds of fractures that do not limit a person from walking so do not assume that you haven’t experienced a serious injury. If you do not address the matter with your physiotherapist, prolonged pain paired with sudden trauma can result in severe foot injuries.

Myth 2: "You Have Broken Your Toe and It Doesn't Need Immediate Care."

The Truth: Sometimes you might let a simple, displaced fracture of the toe pass you by as if it is nothing but having an x-ray can determine whether it is displaced or an angulated break. If it goes untreated, you are most likely to experience toe deformities with painful corns.  Therefore, prompt treatment and consultation with your physiotherapy provider will help properly realign your toe.

Myth 3: "Soak In Hot Water Immediately If You Experience a Foot Or Ankle Injury."

The Truth: This is a common misconception where people think that by applying hot compression on a foot or ankle injury it will help relieve the pain. The reality is that this can worsen the situation. This is because after experiencing the injury your fracture, sprain or dislocation is bound to swell. By putting more heat on it, it will increase the swelling and the associated discomfort. A better alternative is to use an ice pack, wrapped with a towel, to contract the blood vessels which can reduce the impact of swelling. Always consult with your physiotherapist before trying out any method.

Myth 4: “You Have Severely Sprained Your Ankle and Applying an Elastic Bandage Is The Right Way To Go About It."

The Truth: A sprained ankle might result in tearing or severely over-stretched ligaments, which require immediate medical attention. The severity of the injury can be judged through an x-ray and a proper physiotherapy routine will help you heal in time. You might have to undergo surgery depending on the severity of your foot injury.

Myth 5: "Terms Such As 'Crack,' 'Break' and 'Fracture' Mean Different"

The Truth: There is no difference between the above mentioned terms and if you have broken your toe then it definitely means you have fractured it.