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Podiatry & Chiropody Services In Waterford Health Park

Last October an article was written in Waterford Today with regard to a new high risk foot care clinic was established to cope with the high volume of foot care patients. The article highlights how over 70% of the patients treated, were seen with complaints relating to diabetes, which is something we specialise with here at Spectrum Health . So today’s blog post is for those who live in Waterford and surrounding counties such as Kilkenny and Waterford. Did you know we provide Podiatry & Chiropody services from Waterford Health Park on Slievekeale Road in Waterford City? Maybe not so let us tell you what we do…

Why Do I Need to See a Podiatrist/Chiropodist?

Many people endure pain in their feet and indeed lower limbs when they unnecessarily have to do so. We often tend to neglect keeping our feet healthy whereas if we were to have complaints in other parts of our bodies we would be more inclined to go for check ups. This should not be the case as maintaining good foot care is very important for a number of reasons. One such reason is that problems in your feet can lead to further issues in your ankles, legs and even your back. It is important to get to the source of the problem quickly so more damage can be prevented.

Podiatry Services We Provide in Waterford

Our highly skilled staff can treat an extensive range of foot and lower limb problems. We treat both adults and children in our clinics. So whether you need general chiropody or podiatry care, a biomechanical assessment for orthotics or sports podiatry, we are the specialists who can help you. We treat common issues such as BunionsAthletes FootVerrucae and ingrown toenails but we also provide specialist treatment for Diabetic Foot problems and a number of paediatric issues. If you would like to read more about what we can treat follow this link.

So Who Will be Treating You?

All of our staff are excellent at what they do. They all have membership to their professional bodies in their relevant disciplines and also are involved in continuous development courses to ensure they remain at the top of their professions. Essentially this means we provide you with first class foot care provided by experts. We always try to make our treatments as pleasant and informative as possible.

Our team in Waterford is lead by Valerie Cosgrave. Valerie holds a  Bachelors Degree from Queen Magarets Univeristy in Edinburgh and she is currently studying for a Masters in Diabetes. She has been working in Podiatry and Chiropody since 1985 and has a wealth of experience treating a vast list of conditions.

So Do You Think You Need Foot Care?

Some problems are more urgent and apparent than others, so you will know straight away if you need medical attention in that case. However you may have an underlying issue in your feet, ankles or knees which is causing you pain elsewhere in your body that our Podiatrists will be able to pinpoint and get treating straight away.

Our treatment prices start from €40 so if you do need assistance please get in touch with our patient services team to book an appointment. Our clinic is located in Waterford City and is easily accessed from Kilkenny and Wexford also.