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The Importance of Podiatry and Foot Care

This blog discusses the importance of good foot care indeed maintenance of the feet. Danielle works in our clinics in Patrick’s Quay, Macroom and Mallow, Cork.

After overindulging in all things nice, but not necessarily healthy around Christmas, it is not surprising that the number one New Year’s resolution amongst the Irish population is to lose weight . Running, whether it be indoor or outdoors, is a popular choice for those wanting to burn calories effectively. But,  before we reluctantly pull on our trainers and mentally prepare for the run ahead, have we thought to check the condition and health of our feet?

Why is Foot Care Important?


We tend to scrutinise over our feet during the summers months when faced with the prospect of exposing them  in open-toe shoes. However, just because it isn’t sandal weather outside, does not mean that we should neglect the appearance and health of our feet. 

In general as a nation we take for granted the vital role that our feet play in carrying and supporting our entire bodyweight; as with every step the feet are compressed, pressured and endure repeated rubbing movements from footwear.  If the amount of pressure and friction is increased over a period of time the body will react by adding extra layers of skin for protection. This thick hard skin is often found on the ball, heel & toes of the foot, as these are the areas that endure the greatest pressure forces & subsequent friction.

On top of this, harsh winter weather, combined with walking or running, or even just static standing, can all cause a number of foot conditions such as painful callous and corn (hard skin) build-up, so it’s no wonder we need to take more care of our feet!

What can a Podiatrist Do?

A Podiatrist can assist in reducing pain and discomfort as part of managing corn and callous build-up.  This is achieved by through a comprehensive foot assessment to determine the cause of the corn and/or callus. Regular maintenance intervention is important to keep the corn and callus minimal and provision of appropriate pressure support prevents the overexposure to aggravating pressure forces.

Wearing incorrect and/or inappropriate running shoes for your feet or an ineffective running style can contribute to callous and corn build-up.  It can also contribute to running injuries, including lower back, leg, knee, ankle and foot pain. A podiatrist can effectively advise on the best or most appropriate footwear, as well as provide biomechanical assessments and/or prescribe orthotics (also known as orthotic insoles, shoe inserts, or orthoses) where appropriate to restore natural foot function.

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