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Bow Legs & Knock Knee

Knock knees are when a child’s knees touch but their ankles don’t when they are standing normally. Bow legs are the opposite where the child’s ankles touch when they standing but their knees don’t. 

Both conditions commonly occur in children during development and growth and should normally disappear as they get older.

Bow Legs & Knock Knee treatment

Generally treatment for knock knees and bow legs is a prescription of orthotics to help realign the feet and legs getting them into their correct position. This will also help to redistribute the pressure and strain caused by having knock knees or bow legs which will make walking and standing more comfortable for your child.

Our Expertise

Our Podiatrist can provide treatment for children with severe knock knees and bow legs. We have specially trained Paediatric Podiatrists who will assess your child's condition and provide appropriate treatment depending on their condition and age.

Our Paediatric Podiatrists are fully qualified with extensive clinical experience in the treatment of children of all ages.