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Claw Toe

A claw toe forms because of weak muscles and muscle imbalance in the foot. With a claw toe any of your toes apart, from the big toe, can look like they are clawing or digging down in to the soles of your foot, hence the name. 

This curling under of the toe can cause terrible pain at the top side of the toe where there is friction against the shoe and can cause severe pain and pressure at the bottom part of the toe where it is pushed against the sole of the shoe.

Symptoms of Claw Toe

Toes appear bent upwards at the point of the centre joint in the toe. Toes may also be be bent downwards and curl under the foot. Corns may also have developed on the top of the bend.

Claw Toe Treatment

Claw toes are easier to treat if they are diagnosed earlier so if you suspect the development of a claw toe you should consult a Podiatrist to commence treatment. Wear footwear that has enough room at the front of the shoe to avoid friction of your toes against the inside of the shoe.

Our Expertise

Our Podiatrist can help you to relieve the pressure and pain caused by claw toe. They may use splints or tape to hold the toes in the correct position and relieve the foot from pressure.

Our Podiatrist can also advise you on exercises and stretches to help you loosen out the muscles and tendons in your foot.