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Cracked Heels

Cracked heels, sometimes referred to as heel fissures, are areas of thickened skin that have dried up and cracked. They can cause some discomfort and be quite painful to walk on. Cracked heels are caused by excessively dry skin but the cause of the dry skin in the first place needs to be investigated and then treated by a Chiropodist.

Symptoms of Cracked Heels

Red or flaky patches of skin are the first symptom for those suffering cracked heels. Once symptoms have been first noticed, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible. If caught at this stage, it is possible to treat with over the counter moisturiser. However, if not treated, the skin may break  and infection is possible. 

If this is not caught early, your cracked heels may develop into more serious symptoms such as itchy skin, bleeding or discharge. Once you have reached this point, it's time to see a health practitioner, and advisably, one of our highly skilled Podiatrists.

Cracked Heels Treatment

Our Chiropodists can remove the thick hard skin around the problem area at the heel. They can medically remove the hard skin to speed up the healing process, this process is referred to as debridement. If debridement is too painful the Chiropodist might decide to use strapping as a form of treatment. Here the cracks on your heels are strapped to hold the cracks together to allow them to heal. After this the Chiropodist will advise on management of the skin in the area to maintain moisture and prevent reoccurrence. They will also look at the underlying problem that would have caused the dry skin (and subsequent cracking of heels) in the first place and address this problem.

Our Expertise

Our Chiropodists have a vast amount of clinical experience in the treatment of cracked heels and will safely treat your symptoms as well as find the underlying problem to your condition, providing longer lasting relief.

It is important to note you should not attempt to remove the thickened hard skin yourself as you run the risk of developing an infection, especially if you have diabetes or a similar condition affecting the immune system as your risk of developing an infection is higher.

Our Chiropodists will provide expert treatment for your condition, relieving symptoms as well as determining the underlying issue. We will also offer advice for you to ensure your feet remain moisturised and how to prevent further cracking of heels.