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Growing Pains

Some children experience pain, especially at night time in one or both of their legs. These are referred to as growing pains even though it has not been diagnosed that growth is the cause of the pain. They usually occur between the ages of 3-5 and then again between the ages of 8-12 and the pain tends to be worse after a day of activity and exercise and can be bad enough to wake a child up.

Growing Pains treatment

There is no cure as such for growing pains but our Podiatrists can offer treatment to your child to lessen the pain and make them more comfortable. Our Podiatrist can offer advice on stretching and exercises as well as performing manual therapy and mobilisations to help loosen their leg muscles and reduce the pain. They may prescribe orthotics for growing pains as orthotics can remove some of the strain and pressure felt in the legs which may help to reduce your child’s pain.

Our Expertise

Our Podiatrist can assess your child’s condition to confirm that their pain is due to growing pains and not some other underlying lower limb condition.

We have specially trained Paediatric Podiatrists who will assess your child's condition and provide appropriate treatment depending on their condition and age. Our Paediatric Podiatrists are fully qualified with extensive clinical experience in the treatment of children of all ages.