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In Toed & Out Toed Gait

Children can develop an abnormal walking pattern where the toes are turned inwards when they walk forward. This is referred to as an intoed gait/pidgeon toed/intoeing and can cause those affected to trip and fall more often than other children. This condition can be hereditary and be caused by a slightly twisted bone either in the thigh (femoral anteversion), shin (tibial torsion) or feet (metartasus adductus). It can occur in both legs or just in one, can sometimes be painful and most of the time will go away on its own but if it doesn’t treatment should be sought from a Podiatrist.

In Toed & Out Toed Gait treatment

Generally treatment for intoeing includes gait analysis and a prescription of orthotics to provide support to the feet and also to try to correct the positioning and posture of the foot. Stretches and exercises can also be shown to you so that your child can work on correcting the positioning of their feet themselves at home.

Our Expertise

Our Podiatrist can perform an assessment to determine the underlying cause of the intoeing and from the results work out an appropriate treatment plan for your child.

We have specially trained Paediatric Podiatrists who will assess your child's condition and provide appropriate treatment depending on their condition and age. Our Paediatric Podiatrists are fully qualified with extensive clinical experience in the treatment of children of all ages.