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Knee Pain

There are a variety of causes of knee pain. Often pain in the knee can be as a result of an injury or direct trauma to the knee or it may arise because of wear and tear over the years especially for the more active. Sometimes knee pain is directly related to the function of your feet and any misalignment or other biomechanical problems in your feet can have repercussions felt through your knees, hips and even your back. Common Knee Injuries include Runners Knee, Arthritis, Chondromalacia, Patellofemoral pain. 

Knee Pain treatment

Our Podiatrist can offer different treatment approaches depending on your particular condition. They may use manual therapy to relieve the pain in your knee through manipulating/massaging and stretching the muscles in your thighs and calves that connect to the knee. This manual therapy loosens the muscles and tendons in the knee area reducing the stress on the knee which helps to lessen the pain and makes the joint more mobile.

They may suggest anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and inflammation but this is only a temporary relief so they will also continue to work on the real problem at hand. Custom orthotics are often a solution to reduce and remove knee pain, especially where biomechanics are the underlying problem as the orthotic works to align the feet properly which may restore normal function of the knee joint.

Our Podiatrist may also recommend some exercises to build strength in the muscles around the area to help protect the knee from further injury. As a last resort, if all conservative forms of podiatric treatment do not work our Podiatrist may refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon for assessment for surgery.

Our Expertise

Our Podiatrist will assess your knee pain to determine if there is an underlying biomechanical issue in your feet which is having a direct impact on your knees and hips. Once an accurate assessment is carried out, our Podiatrist will outline a specific approach depending on your particular condition.

Our Podiatrists have a vast amount of clinical experience in the treatment of a range of knee injuries and related conditions, so whatever the cause of your knee pain, our Podiatrist can assess your case and can offer treatment to help your condition and relieve your pain.