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Osgood - Schlatter Disease

Osgood - Schlatter disease is a painful condition of the knee where the bone, cartilage and/or tendon at the top of the shin (or just below the knee) become inflamed. Despite the name, Osgood - Schlatter disease is caused by overuse and is not a disease. The most commonly affected patient group are active adolescents who are experiencing growth spurts, especially those that participate in sports involving running, twisting and jumping.

Symptoms of Osgood - Schlatter Disease 

Osgood Schlatter’s Disease symptoms include pain and sometimes swelling and inflammation. These symptoms often worsen during activity.

Osgood - Schlatter Disease treatment

Treatment for this condition may include manual therapy to provide immediate relief from the pain, education on exercises and stretching to lessen the pain and reduce the risk of developing the condition.

Our Podiatrist will also offer advice on their training programme and may suggest that your child takes a break from strenuous activity or at least minimise the amount they are doing until the inflammation is reduced.

Our Expertise

Our Chiropodists will provide expert treatment for your condition, relieving symptoms as well as determining the underlying issue. We will also offer advice for you to ensure your feet remain moisturised and how to prevent Osgood - Schlatter disease.