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Runners Knee

Runners knee is the catch all name for conditions where pain is felt around the front of the knee such as Arthritis, Chondromalacia and Patellofemoral pain. It was given the name runners knee because athletes often experience this type of pain more frequently than others as they put a lot of stress on their knees during activity and exercise. If there are any abnormalities in your feet or in the way you walk or run (gait) this is often reflected by the type of knee pain experienced in runners knee. Other causes of runners knee include obesity, incorrect footwear, poor running surface or over training.

Runners Knee treatment

Once an assessment has been carried out to determine Runner’s Knee is the cause of your pain, our Podiatrists will also perform a thorough examination of your feet to determine if you have any abnormalities that might be causing your runners knee. Once the assessment is complete they will know what sort of treatment will be most appropriate for you. They may use manual therapy techniques such as mobilisation and manipulation to relax the muscles around the knee which can help to relieve some of the knee pain. If you have abnormalities in your gait or foot structure our podiatrist may fit you for custom or off the shelf orthotics to help correct the alignment of your feet and reduce the pain in your knee.

Our Expertise

Our Podiatrist can perform a gait analysis of your method of running and walking to determine if this is contributing to your knee pain. Once this is determined, a specific treatment plan will be outlined in order to reduce pain in the knee and related areas.

Our Podiatrists have extensive experience in the treatment of a range of sports related injuries and may provide strengthening exercises to ensure long lasting relief.