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Children's Podiatry Treatment in 7 Counties Across Ireland.

Our Podiatrist can provide treatment for children with severe knock knees and bow legs. We have specially trained pediatric Podiatrists who will assess your child's condition and provide appropriate treatment depending on their condition and age.

Our Pediatric Podiatrists are fully qualified with extensive clinical experience in the treatment of children of all ages. 

Our Treatment

Our podiatrist will examine the child's feet and gait in conjunction with some questions of the parent in order to properly diagnose the condition. Once the condition is diagnosed, a treatment plan will be developed and implemented. Our podiatrists are trained to treat the following pediatric conditions: 


Our Fees

30 Minute Consultation (Initial / Follow Up) - €55

20 Minute Consultation (Follow Up) - €40*

Discount for Student/Medical Card Holders & Preferred Customers - €10 Off**

Orthotics / Custom made Orthotics - €45 / €245

* Please note that your Podiatrist will advise on whether a follow up should be 20 or 30 minutes.
** To avail of this offer you must advise our Patient Service Team at the time of booking.

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Childrens Podiatry
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