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Sports Podiatry in 7 Counties Across Ireland.

Our Podiatrists have extensive experience in the treatment of a range of sports related injuries and may provide strengthening exercises to ensure long lasting relief.

Our Treatment

We have a wide range of technologies at our clinics that can help us form a speedy and accurate diagnosis. By using a Gait Analysis, our chiropodists can determine any abnormalities in your feet or in the way you walk or run, as this is often a contributing factor to lower limb pain in runners or joggers. 

Some of the sports podiatry conditions we treat include:

Our Fees

30 Minute Consultation (Initial / Follow Up) - €55

20 Minute Consultation (Follow Up) - €40*

Student/Medical Card Preferred Customers Discount - €10 Off**

Orthotics / Custom made Orthotics - €45 / €245

* Please note that your Podiatrist will advise on whether a follow up should be 20 or 30 minutes.
** To avail of this offer you must advise our Patient Service Team at the time of booking.

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Sports Podiatry
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