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Hammertoe Treatment in 7 Counties Across Ireland.

Generally a hammertoe or mallet toe is caused by wearing high heels or shoes that are too small around the toe area, so it’s no surprise that it is mostly women who suffer from them!

A hammertoe has a bend in the middle joint of the toe whereas a mallet toe has a bend in the upper joint of the affected toe. The way someone walks (gait) can also lead to the formation of hammertoes and mallet toes as can overuse and injury. Sometimes a deep blister will form over the bent joint and often after some time calluses and corns will develop on the affected toe joint. People with arthritis, diabetes or neuromuscular conditions are also more likely to develop a hammertoe or mallet toe.

Our Treatment

Our Podiatrist will assess your gait to determine the underlying cause of your hammertoe or mallet toe. From this assessment they can offer you advice on the appropriate footwear for your condition and may prescribe orthotics or insoles to relieve some of the pain and pressure. Our podiatrist can also show you how to strap your toe into the correct position and will show you some exercises to keep your toes mobile. Our Podiatrists advice is to avoid tight fitting shoes to prevent developing a hammer toe or mallet toe.

Our Fees

30 Minute Consultation (Initial / Follow Up) - €55

20 Minute Consultation (Follow Up) - €40*

Student/Medical Card Preferred Customers Discount - €10 Off**

Orthotics / Custom made Orthotics - €45 / €245

* Please note that your Podiatrist will advise on whether a follow up should be 20 or 30 minutes.
** To avail of this offer you must advise our Patient Service Team at the time of booking.

What Our Podiatrists Say

Our expert Podiatrists have a vast range of clinical experience in the treatment of hammer and mallet toe, so we will ensure to provide you with the necessary treatment to relieve the pain and pressure associated with this condition.

Jade Tagamus, BSc Podiatry MSCPI

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